Freeport. City of Adventure. Haven of pirates, home of desperate men and women, scourge of the seas. Freeport is the door to a whole new world of adventure. It offers endless possibilities for fantasy gaming, whether you play the part of a dashing corsair sailing the high seas in search of plunder, or a grim hunter of cults, prowling the twisting streets of this corrupt city in search of blasphemous groups that worship dark and insane gods. You might be a thief, making ends meet by nicking purses, playing the Syndicate and the Canting Crew against one another while you struggle to build a new criminal organization and claim a piece of Freeport’s golden pie. Or you might be a brave explorer, seeking lost civilizations, scouring the island for some clue, some scrap of the past to uncover secrets no man was meant to know.

Freeport is a city, with an interesting history and an even more interesting future.

Freeport: City of Adventure