Brunnor Wallingston

Brunner is a dark-haired dwarf who sells just about all types of potions.


Found in: the Docks

Status: male dwarf master

A stout dwarf, Brunnor stands just under five feet tall and weighs approximately two hundred and fifty pounds. He has black hair that he wears in long braids, his beard is full and black, and he has an onyx stone inserted in the socket of his missing left eye.


Brunnor Wallingston runs a small business selling a broad selection of potions, elixirs, unguents, incenses, and more. Everything from virility concoctions to love potions to more magical substances can be had for the right price. Brunnor brews all his own wares. It is rumored that he also sells some poisons.

Brunnor Wallingston

Freeport: City of Adventure Golm