Dakarta Gringsson

The owner of the Broken Mug is a dwarven lady, who although is not the prettiest, always has a smile for her customers


Found in: the Docks

Status: female dwarf journeyman

Although the Broken Mug is nothing to look at, Dakarta is proud of her business and cherishes the friendships she’s gained from the locals who frequent her place. She’s pleasant for a dwarf and doesn’t judge the people who sit at her bar. She’s not a good listener, though, and tends to leave people in mid conversation to see to something else.

Dakarta stands four feet tall and weighs one hundred fifty pounds. She has flat, brown hair, and her cheeks are covered in a fine down of brown hair, forming a light beard. She has bright blue eyes and a pleasant smile, though she’s missing most of her teeth. She wears a mail apron when tending the bar having taken a knife in the gut from an enraged drunk a few years back.


Dakarta Gringsson

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