Draegar Redblade

Hobgoblin commander


Draegar is a bit short for a hobgoblin, standing just under six feet in height. What he lacks in height he makes up for in muscle, with a solid, athletic frame. His skin is dark red and he has a thick mane of red-brown hair. He carries his ancestral sword at all times, a potent blade rumored to inflict deep, bleeding wounds. When prepared for combat he wears chainmail and a shield.


Draegar Redblade (male hobgoblin) is the leader of Freeport’s hobgoblin community and the nonhuman labor gangs of Bloodsalt. Redblade has worked his way through the ranks of the city’s criminal gangs to take control of a district, but his plans don’t stop there; his ultimate goal is make Freeport the capital of a hobgoblin empire, with himself as supreme ruler.

Draegar grew to maturity in the Redblade clan, a martial tribe of hobgoblins on the Continent. Skilled in combat and tactics, Draegar rose to prominence in the clan and was marked to become the tribe’s blademaster. He, however, had other ideas. He had no interest in continuing the long and ultimately pointless struggle against the local elves for control of a single forest; he wanted more.

Eight years ago, Draegar came to Freeport looking for work as a mercenary, and found himself a place in a Scurvytown gang. He moved through the ranks of the district’s underworld, slowly gaining a reputation—and slowly bringing his clan brothers over from the Continent. The hobgoblins worked as guards and private muscle throughout Freeport, but their loyalty was only to Draegar himself.

When the Captain’s Council began recruiting orc and hobgoblin labor from the Continent to work on the Reclamation Project, Draegar saw his opportunity. Knowing human troops would be unable or unwilling to police the savage races effectively, he offered the council the services of himself and his followers. The Redblade Militia became the law in Bloodsalt, and Draegar its warlord in all but name; he answers to the Captains’ Council, but as long as the Project continues and no one important complains about his Militia, he can do as he wishes.

Most of Freeport’s gangsters would be happy with that, but not Draegar Redblade. Bloodsalt is just the beginning.


Draegar is careful and calculating, in both day-to-day life and in combat, never letting his anger take control. Preferring slow, carefully planned responses to hasty actions, Draegar is remarkably patient and even-tempered (especially for a goblinoid) and is willing to make many sacrifices in order to secure an eventual victory. His weakness is his belief in the superiority of hobgoblins over all other species, and he may underestimate “lesser” races, especially halflings or goblins.

Draegar Redblade

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