The owner of the Dented Helm is a distinctive dwarf


Found in: the Docks

Status: male dwarf journeyman

Garek is the most distinctive person here because he always wears an old battered helmet with a dent over his right temple. He’s short and stocky and has a huge barrel chest and stubby legs. He wears his long, gray beard in braids that hang past his prodigious belly. He’s a friendly sort, always with a tale to tell, and he loves fabricating some new fantastic story about how he got the dent in his helm.

Brewing ale, beer, and lager is everything to Garek, and he talks about little else. In fact, he calls each cask his “girl,” and when he makes his rounds, he sometimes leans over to give them a whisper or kiss to ensure the fermentation process goes properly. Garek has never had much use for laws or regulations, and he does pretty much what he wants. When he opened up for business, he threw a party that lasted three days straight and made drunkards of everyone within six blocks.

He is a good friend of Dahn Rey and they visit each other and promote the other’s business.



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