Karl Wine

The owner of the Rusty Hook is a lucky scoundrel with connections


Found in: the Docks

Status: male human journeyman

Karl Wine (male human journeyman) is a gambler. He has a hard time saying no to any game of chance. But having uncommonly good luck, few people engage him in cards anymore. He has a foul mouth, wandering eye, and a friendly manner. He knows a lot of the folks in the Docks, as well as his way around the city. People who need to get out of town discreetly go to Wine for help.

Karl’s about forty years old, but he’s not certain of his exact age. He takes his name from his flushed appearance and excitable manner. His once-fit body has gone to fat, which he does his best to hide beneath baggy clothing. Despite his growing girth, he’s never without a lady on his knee—he pays enough for her to endure his sweaty advances.


Karl Wine

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