This female half elf is a veteran mercenary who runs a leather-working shop.


Found in: the Docks

Status: female half elf journeywoman

Owner of Nev’s Leather, Nevtalathien is a veteran mercenary who settled in Freeport after spending a life as a sell sword. Remembering the city fondly from her infrequent visits in the past, she decided to try her luck at an honest life. She opened a leatherworker’s business in the Seaside Market and found Freeport was as good a home as any and retired here. Still, Nev sometimes goes away for a few weeks, only to return with a fresh new batch of scars.

Nev resents her elven ancestry and is cool, bordering on rude to elven customers. She has bright green eyes and refined features hinting at her fey heritage. She’s pretty, but her experience in battle and her age has left her sour and cynical.



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