Poul Reiner

The head of the Society of Lobstermen


Found in: the Docks

Status: male half elf journeyman

Although Reiner can pass for human, evidence of elven blood is clear. He has vaguely pointed ears and angular features. He has a slight frame that conceals a wiry strength and uncanny endurance. Reiner’s mother was a sea elf, giving him an advantage over his human peers when it comes to descending into the murky depths.


After Balboa Cockle died a few years ago in a diving accident involving a randy sea lion and a faulty new diving suit, his heir apparent was Poul Reiner. A skilled swimmer and a veteran diver of nearly a hundred descents, there was little doubt about his skill and worthiness to fill the founder’s shoes. Reiner is a secretive man who doesn’t like attention. He can be found alone in his offices when he’s not accompanying a crew at sea, and he commands a network of informers and spies to bring him news about sunken vessels or odd sightings at sea.

Poul Reiner

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