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No one in Freeport likes to admit the lucrative trade of assassination, but there’s a great deal of money there if one has the stones to kill people for a living. Unsurprisingly, it’s not an honest career and those who make their livings from killing tend to find themselves earning the same fate—floating facedown in the harbor. As a result, there are few inexperienced assassins worthy of the name. Lesser assassins are usually enforcers or thugs.


Freeport washes up the destitute and desperate like driftwood, and shiftless vagabonds fill its streets. Beggars include all sorts of people, from the urchins scampering along the streets of the Docks looking for a purse to lift or a rube to guide to the city’s interiors, to the broken and shattered individuals infesting Drac’s End and Scurvytown, looking for a hot meal, a swig of ale, or a dose of the dust to cut the pain of their living. Apprentice beggars are usually urchins, while journeymen beggars are more experienced individuals who have authentic ailments that prevent them from leading productive lives.


Freeport is home to many illicit organizations sworn to advance the cause of some mad god or other. Gathering in secret basements, in the Underside, or in hidden rooms, they congregate to perform disturbing rites and rituals in the name of their foul masters. Particular cultists may vary in terms of motives and ultimate goals, which may be reflected in slight variations in their statistics.


One expects to find pirates in the City of Adventure. Most of Freeport’s pirates are essentially sea bandits. Their motivations, virtues, and vices vary with the individual. Such men and women can be heroic swashbucklers or vicious murderers, and there is often little way to discern one type from the other.


Freeporters are all a little superstitious, and they are quick to mutter a prayer to whatever god is on hand. Given Freeporters’ cultural willingness to accept a broad range of gods, countless peddlers of religion come to Freeport to set up shop. Some of these holy folks have honest intentions and perform a good service to the city, but others are little more than well-dressed thieves here to defraud and bilk the locals.

Sea Lord’s Guard

The current Sea Lord transformed the Sea Lord’s Guard, who had for long served as the city’s watch, into a fighting force, trained to defend the city from attack. Since their change of role, the Sea Lord’s Guard consists of a hardened lot of toughs that have a reputation for cracking heads whenever they are crossed.

The Syndicate

Finn employs many Freeporters in his operations, from beggars and thieves to enforcers and toughs. Hellhounds are Finn’s muscle and they patrol the Eastern District, seeing to their leader Dunbar’s protection rackets, while making sure no one thinks too highly of him or herself. The Syndicate Enforcers, led by Trask, are bravos and fighting men that do most of the fighting.


Freeport is infested with many things, but the most pernicious occupants are its thieves. Many criminals in the city are freelancers who make ends meet by robbing those better off than they, but a few work for one of the two main crime lords: Finn or Mister Wednesday. Such thieves are loyal to their masters and woe to them if they betray their organization: Freeport’s crime lords are unforgiving and are perfectly happy making examples of those who betray them.


Thugs in Freeport include all the low-class brutes that rely on strength and intimidation to make their living. Such characters include bravos, enforcers, and any kind of raw muscle used for


Although Freeport’s Watch is a relatively new organization, it finds its roots in the old Sea Lord’s Guard. Overall, this group is little better than the criminals they fight, taking bribes to look the other way and selling their service to various criminal groups. They are quick to cover their tracks and aren’t above smashing a few heads to make sure the semblance of law rules the streets.


Freeport is famous for not delving too deeply into a person’s personal affairs, so the city is often a preferred destination for those that dabble in the occult. Wizards of all types, including renegade necromancers from the continent, come to Freeport to escape persecution, or to pursue their arts in a way of their choosing. For those seeking training, Freeport is also home to a potent Wizards’ Guild, though they are selective about
whom they train.

Common Characters

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