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“Where there is a sea, there are pirates.” — Greek Proverb

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” — H.L. Mencken

“Welcome to Freeport, friends! They say this is a city of adventure, so who am I to argue? Before you set off and sample the thousand delights of our fine city, let me give you some advice. First, stick to the main streets. The Watch does a fine job, but they can’t be everywhere, you know? Those little alleys and side streets have other folks who like a bit of adventure, too. Also, the merchants here, well, they can be a bit aggressive. And the ladies, they might give you the best night of your life, but it’ll cost you. Now that I think about it… you folks need a guide. Yep. A guide. Tell you what, for that fat purse on your belt, I’ll make sure you stay nice and safe in this here city. Welcome to Freeport indeed.” —Pious Pete, Guide

NOTE: All material written here is my work and the work of Green Ronin Publishing™. Most of the work is from The Pirate’s Guide to Freeport and all the other products that detail the city of Freeport.

The best way to describe Freeport is by its moniker the City of Adventure. Now this isn’t to say Freeport is a place where shining knights in full plate armor tilt at one another for the favor of inbred noblewomen. Nor is Freeport a city where you’ll see great balloons drifting across the sky, magic carpets zipping hither and yon, or dragons belching flames. Freeport is the City of Adventure because danger lurks around every filthy corner. From the offices of the Sea Lord to the dank sewers worming their way beneath the city, there are hazards to be avoided, fortunes to be made, and lives to be lost.

Freeport is not often a pleasant city, but it is a place of opportunity. It is a city of delights, of vice and sin. Here, deals are made, intrigues planned, expeditions launched, conspiracies hatched, and dreams crushed. Merchants do a brisk business, employing ruthless tactics to rub out their competition, while thieves prowl the marketplaces, slipping sharp knives against the strings of dangling purses. High and mighty men and women come to the city to broker dirty deals with other lords (when they can tear themselves away from Freeport’s renowned brothels, that is). The city hums with back-room bargains, the steady stream of black market goods slipping beneath the nose of the corrupt harbormaster. Here, assassins stalk the night, cults perform dreadful ceremonies to maddening gods, and pirates walk the Docks looking to spend the bloodstained coins they pried from the dead fingers of their victims. This, friends, is Freeport. It’s no place for the meek, but for those with a good head, a sharp sword, and a keen wit, it offers some of the best opportunities for adventure in the entire world.

Freeport has a savage reputation, but life here is much like any other city. Many people live by honest means, taking jobs wherever they can find them. Crime is a fact, but that’s to be expected in a city founded by pirates and with so much trade running through it. It bears mentioning that in many districts, Freeport is rather safe, and ordinary people who are smart about their behavior can get along without fear of mugging or assault. This fact is not readily apparent to the scores of travelers who disembark from ships every day. Even they can see that Freeport, despite its myriad dangers, is a city of great opportunity.






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