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Just about every legitimate (and illegitimate) religion in the world has a place in Freeport. The Temple District is choked with shrines, temples, and other holy houses, all catering to the various interests and religious inclinations of Freeport’s dynamic population. Most religions have their place in the aforementioned district, but walking around the city, one is sure to see symbols and icons of a host of gods. While Freeporters are generally tolerant of other religions, everyone in the city recognizes a few of the more important faiths. The following four are among the most popular in Freeport. More details on these gods and can be found in the Temple District.

The Pirate: the God of Pirates

As a city founded by pirates, it should be unsurprising that the God of Pirates is one of the most popular. The temple works hard to improve its image, but no matter how they shade it, they serve a bloodthirsty god that represents the interests of the most unsavory bastards to sail the seas.

The Scholar: the God of Knowledge

In stark contrast to the more savage religions in Freeport, the God of Knowledge is positively refined. His temple serves as a holy place but also a great repository of lore. Understandably, the Temple of the Knowledge God has strong ties to the Freeport Institute.

The Sailor: the God of the Sea

The God of the Sea is a vital figure in the lives of Freeporters as it is his hand that shelters the city from the most devastating storms and tidal surges and protects vessels as they embark on ocean voyages. Freeporters who work on or around the sea (which is just about everyone in the city) keep an icon of this moody, fickle god.

The Warrior: the God of War

Freeporters respect strength and skill at arms, so the God of War has a modest following in the city. Before any engagement, a pious Freeporter will send a quick prayer to this violent god to bless his weapon and his wit that he might survive to fight again.

Other Gods

While four gods dominate Freeport’s theological landscape, it’s also home to scores more. Religions from the Continent survive in the shadow of the dominant faiths and include the Judge (God of Justice), the Dead Lord (God of Death), the Wise (God of Wisdom), and even the Thief (God of Thieves). Many of these priests operate small temples or shrines in the Temple District, while the smallest must make do with a tiny stall in the Fool’s Market.

Cults and Subversides

There are limits to Freeport’s tolerance for religion. Freeporters respect the gods and their followers, accepting most worshippers no matter how strange their behavior or beliefs. They draw the line, though, at any religion that demands its followers actively harm or maim themselves or others. Some sanctioned sects, such as that of the Warrior, skirt this line, but people turn a blind eye toward their violent behavior given the religion’s long place in Freeport’s history.

There’s no telling how many vile cults are at work in Freeport at any given time. A group of friendly nobles might gather under the darkness of the new moon and make living sacrifices to a fiend of the deepest hell, while a group of sailors could gather in the back room of a tavern to perform unspeakable rituals to some evil, slumbering god that rests in a sealed vault beneath the sea.

Perhaps the most famous of Freeport’s cults is the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign. This organization traces its roots to the Valossan Empire and was founded by mad serpent people to honor a dreadful being known only as the Unspeakable One—to say his name is to invite his attention, and sane people do not want that. The Brotherhood has risen and fallen throughout the years but never came as close to realizing their mad plans as when Milton Drac ruled the city as Freeport’s Sea Lord. Since his fall, the Brotherhood has scattered, nearly broken, it’s members dead, missing, or in hiding. Still, there are whispers of their activities in the gloomiest depths of the city, concerning some new grandiose plot to plunge Freeport into madness.


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