Angelo Stampfel

Calame's right-hand man and best reporter is a well-known personality throughout the city


Found in: mainly the Docks, but he can be found anywhere in Freeport

Status: male human journeyman

Like many reporters that work for the Shipping News, Angelo got his start as a child. Calame pays well for any bit of dirt, any rumor, and so many of Freeport’s urchins put food in their bellies by spying and reporting what they find. Angelo Stampfel was just another kid, or so most thought, but his ear for language and his nose for trouble landed him a reporting assignment. As he continued to impress Calame, his position increased—until at the young age of twenty, he became the paper’s ace reporter. With contacts spread throughout the city, and knowing just what buttons to push to get his subjects to talk, he’s by far one of the best-connected people in the city.


Angelo Stampfel

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