The bouncer of the Black Gull is a large half-orc


Found in: the Docks

Status: male half orc apprentice

Buster is tall and muscled. He has an olive complexion, and his flesh is covered in thick wiry black hair, making him look a lot like a green gorilla. He wears a vest and breeches. He doesn’t believe in shoes—his human mother beat him with a boot when he was a child.


If Dill Mackey has a true friend in the world, it’s Buster. A hulking brute, he hovers at the edges of the bar, hefting a thick club with nails driven through the business end. Buster doesn’t believe in warnings—that’s Mackey’s department. Buster is just here to bust heads. If trouble breaks out, Buster is the first in and the last out, leaving behind a heap of broken men.


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