Dahn Rey

The owner of the One Ring is a dwarf with a mighty beard and a mighty love of fighting


Found in: the Docks

Status: male dwarf master

A crusty dwarf with a famously long beard, Dahn Rey fled to Freeport almost a century ago. As a veteran gladiator, fighting was all he knew. Freeport certainly had smaller arenas for such contests, but none of them had the prestige of the fighting pits from his homeland. Dahn erected a platform in the Docks to cater to pirates and sailors, and he was surprised when after a few years of business, people came from other districts to watch his spectacle. Rey may be gruff and unpleasant, but he knows what to say to generate excitement and to pull in spectators and contestants.

He is a good friend of Garek and they visit each other and promote the other’s business.


Dahn Rey

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