The bouncer and barkeep of the Diving Fin is a half-orc lady


Found in: the Docks

Status: female half orc apprentice

Gringa actually knows Simmerswell from his days of adventure seeking, and she enjoyed the halfling’s carefree personality so much she decided to join him in his restaurant venture. Gossip in the Docks suggests Gringa’s relationship with Simmerswell goes beyond simple business dealings, though no one but a suicidal fool would ever say as much in the half-orc’s presence. In spite of the rumors, neither of them has even remotely considered moving beyond the easy friendship they enjoy. Why mess with success?

Gringa is large, and she wears her orc ancestry with pride and uses her fierce looks to ensure people don’t cause trouble in the place. She has deep green skin and black hair. Her yellow eyes have a jaundiced look, but she’s hale and healthy. She wears a black suit when working but keeps her old adventuring gear handy in case of trouble.



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