Jeminy Swift

The teenager, Jeminy Swift, is a naughty boy. He controls a gang of young boys and girls who live in the Docks.


Found in: the Docks

Status: male human apprentice

A notorious thief and scamp, Jaminy Swift is an adolescent that roves the Seaside Market. He’s in charge of a gang of urchins who share his talents for larceny. A former stowaway who happened to land in Freeport, Jaminy has survived by his wits, speed, and cherubic looks. A few fishwives have tried to reform the boy, but all attempts have ended in disaster. Despite their failures, Jaminy is well liked in the market, and most folks pay him a few coins each week to keep him and his thieves away from their merchandise.

Jaminy controls a gang of two dozen orphans ranging in age from six to thirteen. He’s the undisputed leader, and none of the children would dare cross him. The group lives with a pack of aggressive dogs in an abandoned warehouse, buried beneath a jumble of buildings in the Docks.

Jaminy has red hair and freckles, stands five feet tall, and weighs eighty pounds. He wears a fine white shirt, snug breeches, and a pair of soft leather shoes he stole from a disagreeable gnome last year.


Jeminy Swift

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