Jonas Virden

Friend of Dahn Rey, Jonas Virden is a priest of the Warrior and heals the One Ring's fighters


Found in: the Docks

Status: male human journeyman

Dahn Rey is no fool. While he knows the blood brings in the audience, his house fighters are too valuable to end up in pieces scattered over the arena. As a result, he has a standing deal with the Temple of the Warrior to give them a cut of his earnings to have a priest, Jonas Virden, tend to the casualties. Something of an amateur fighter, Jonas would probably come to the One Ring even if not paid. His job is to tend to the grievously injured, and if possible, bring them back from the brink of death. He tends other injuries but charges for them. Those who pay regular tribute at his temple get the same treatment for half the normal price. Those who can’t or won’t pay are reduced to their previously injured state; Jonas doesn’t suffer crooks lightly.


Jonas Virden

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