Mother Passos

Wife of Poppy Bragg and mother to the Longshoremen's Union


Found in: the Docks

Status: Female Human Journeyman


The daughter of a hardened sailor, Emaya Passos is a tough, no-nonsense woman who wastes no time on frivolities. She’s as invested in the union as her husband, and she makes just as many speeches and is more than capable of knocking a few heads around if necessary. She can’t stand corruption and has little use for the pampered nobility in the Old City and Merchant District, seeing them as Freeport’s problem, not its solution. The Longshoremen have taken to calling her Mother, since she’s always watching out for them.

Emaya looks a great deal like her husband. She’s short and stocky with broad, ruddy features. She has long brown hair, but she keeps it pulled back, tight on her scalp. She favors the breeches and sweaters of the workers, which the delicate ladies find scandalous.

Mother Passos

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