Pious Pete

A former priest, Pious Pete, is now a guide.


Found in: the Docks

Status: male human journeyman

Pious Pete doesn’t look like much. He’s grizzled with a white beard stained yellow around the mouth, a red face, and a bald head. He smells a bit like sour milk and old vomit. He’s rarely far from a bottle. He’s a bit obsessed with bottles. When he finishes a drink, he ties a string around the neck and hangs it from his shirt, the bottles clinking together as he walks. When deep in his cups, he sometimes speaks in a strange language and makes odd gestures as if performing some religious ritual.


Another famous character of the Seaside Market is Pious Pete. This scruffy old salt claims to have once been a priest who had to flee the Continent after a misunderstanding. Rather than draw undue attention by establishing a new order to his mysterious god, Pete gave up the cloth in favor of a life of drinking. He had a great time, but he ran out of money quickly. He set out to find something easy to do, having no love for honest labor. Since walking was about the extent of his effort, he learned a lot about the city. In the space of a year, he had learned the names of most streets and alleys, figuring out short cuts and routes to avoid. Then it struck him. People got lost in Freeport all the time, and he knew the city. Why not get paid for leading folks around? And so, Pious Pete became a guide.

Pious Pete

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