The current champion of the One Ring


Found in: the Docks

Status: male human journeyman

The current champion of the ring is Ragnar, a berserker from a distant land who came to Freeport in search of his beloved Alfhild. The warrior-maiden Alfhild captains a longship that occasionally haunts the waters around Freeport but heads out to sea for months at a time. It was inevitable that Ragnar would eventually wind up in Freeport. When he did, he learned his wife-to-be had come to the city several times over the last few years but rarely stayed for long. Ragnar sent his crew home to the frozen wastes, and he decided to wait for his beloved. While he waits, Ragnar tests his skill in the One Ring. To his surprise and pleasure, he’s found few who can match his ferocity and is thus far undefeated after a dozen contests.

Ragnar is big, standing nearly seven feet tall and just under three hundred pounds of muscle. He has long, braided, blond hair and a thick beard. When he fights, he strips naked, much to the delight of the gathered noblewomen. His muscled body is crisscrossed with scars of old injuries, giving him a wild and dangerous look. He’s killed at least three men so far, and few warriors are willing to fight him.



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